Laser Use for Improved Oral Health

As part of our regular cleaning procedure and periodontal maintenance, we recommend a very safe and effective treatment called Laser Bacterial Reduction which helps to control the bacteria that causes infection in your mouth.

Laser Bacterial Reduction (LBR) is a completely painless procedure that uses a diode laser and normally takes 5-10 minutes. The laser tip is used just below the gum to kill bacteria in all of the spaces and tissues that surround the tooth, creating a sterile environment.
Laser Use for Treatment of Periodontal Disease
The same laser that we use for LBR can be used in a different way, together with scaling and root planing, to significantly reduce the depth of the infected pockets, remove scar tissue resulting from bone loss, and prevent the progression of the disease. This procedure is called Laser Assisted Periodontal Therapy (LAPT). If this procedure can benefit you, your hygienist will talk with you about it during your appointment.
Laser Use for Oral Discomfort
Our diode lasers can be used to stimulate new cell growth and cauterize nerve endings and lymph tissues with no physical contact between the laser and the tooth or tissue. This bio-stimulation shortens healing time and drastically reduces oral discomfort. We can quickly and painlessly treat a variety of oral ailments including:
• Sensitive teeth
• Aphthous ulcers
• Cold sores
• Burns from hot food or drinks
• Cheek or tongue bites
• Any other mild or moderate oral traumaes.
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