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A very high percentage of people who grind and clench their teeth are almost entirely unaware of what they are doing. Often, the first time people are told they grind is when they've broken a molar, or chipped a front tooth. Those with the most extreme cases of clenching and grinding often wear a bite guard, and many have found great relief this way, but for those who don't have pain from clenching and grinding a bite guard can be bulky or uncomfortable. It's not uncommon for night guards to end up left unused, and patients to feel frustrated as a result. Patients and dental professionals alike have been left wanting for a better solution. Now we have one!
Therapeutic Botox is the latest edition to our practice at Smiles Forever. We have been administering it since January, 2013.

Dr. Uchida started Botox for dental therapy back in 2007. In 2012 legislation in Hawaii was passed allowing dentists to administer Botox for therapeutic purposes.

Therapeutic Botox helps people that have damaged or worn teeth from clenching and grinding their teeth, and also those have tension or migraine headaches.


Botox is administered quickly and painlessly into the two main muscles (masseter and temporalis) that squeeze the mouth together. Botox puts these muscles partially to sleep, which allows them to relax, without interfering with normal function.


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