Cosmetic and Reconstructive Dentistry

Dentistry today is different from that of before. 


Typically traditional dentistry was done one tooth at a time over a period of many years. Often it seemed like there was no end to treatment and one went to the dentist only to find out what work there was to do “this time.” People often got “burned out” with visiting the dentist and sometimes dropped out from going at all. There was probably no visible change on the outside after each appointment was finished.

With today’s technology and the public’s demand we are able to give one the option of working on multiple teeth to the full mouth at a time. It is a shift in thinking and expectations. 

Amazing changes in the appearance and perception can be accomplished. What used to take years or what seemed a lifetime is now being done in a matter of weeks or months. This allows one do "Get things done and go forward enjoying life.



The Honolulu Advertiser March12th, 2003 by Julia Keller, Chicago Tribune


…Law was counting on the audience’s recognition of a primitive visual polarity: White teeth mean good guy. Yellow teeth, bad guy. The use of teeth color as an ethical tip-off harks back centuries and ignores national borders. The whole world wants white teeth—boldly, brashly, vividly, sometimes obscenely and insanely white teeth.
The simple explanation: White teeth are coveted because, now more than ever, we can attain them.
White teeth, however, reach even deeper into the psyche. We yearn for them because somewhere in our souls, we associate whiteness with hygiene, morality and youth.
In a study conducted by a toothbrush manufacturer last year and published by the Christian Science Monitor, about 75 percent of women surveyed said white teeth were a major factor in male sex appeal.
People in the 18th century-the area of Burton’s specialization-would have flocked to dentists to have those sepia stains removed, had such procedures been available. Discolored teeth were associated with old age, bad breath, withered hopes.” But what could an 18th-century guy do?
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