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We are now offering complimentary exams and CT scans for implant patients

Dental Implants, Honolulu


We are an adult dentistry office with two office locations on Oahu, Kailua and South King St. We focus on adult reconstructive, denture and implant dentistry. The majority of procedures done in our office are performed under oral sedation. For about 60% of our new patients it has been a very long time and many years since they had seen a dentist or sought any form of dental care. They know that “It’s time” but have been putting it off for one reason or another. We are able to accomplish a lot of dentistry in a very short time because of a staff versed in communication skills, oral sedation, and the realization that people ultimately seek what is the best for themselves. People making their own choices when totally comfortable… It makes things easier.



Our History


Dr. Uchida graduated from Punahou in 1983 and  from the University of Iowa College of Dentistry in 1990. He attended the University of Oregon in Eugene where he majored in biology. Upon graduating from dental college Dr. Uchida served with the US Air Force Dental Corps for three years at Osan Air Base, Republic of Korea. He started his current private practice in 1993.

New CT Scans Available

Smiles Forever now has CT scans available for our patients. We offer a complimentary CT scans for our implant patients.

The main difference between a CT scan and a standard dental x-ray is that a CT scan gives us a 3D image. This means we can look around and inside the entire tooth, jawbone, and even your airway! They are important in helping us diagnose various dental conditions and aid in treatment planning.

Quality Dentistry

“Please don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

Our motto is quite simple at Smiles Forever, we strive for Quality dentistry. That is what was instilled in me when I went to the University of Iowa in the early 90s. It is something that has stuck with me ever since. Quality dentistry means taking care of our patients and going the extra mile for them, it means giving them the best and absolute service that we can provide, all the time. It’s as important as “aloha” is to Hawaii. We will always work hard to give you quality dentistry, always.


“I would like to thank Dr Ronald Miller for introducing me to the world of dentistry and it’s profession.  I am very passionate about it and am always learning.  Mahalo Dr Miller.”

– Steven

If you’d like a better dental experience, this is the procedure that we use, it’s called “The LITTLE Pill”. 


How would you like to “not remember your dental appointment?
Many of our patients do not.

The oral sedation procedure has probably made the most profound impact on our practice. Not only do patients not remember the procedure but they lose track of time. This is especially useful for longer procedures. We always use the “little pill” for implant sugeries and apprehensive people. The pill is called halcion, from the benzodiazepine class of medications. It is totally safe as we always monitor our patients with a pulseoximeter and there is a reversal agent that we can administer. It makes it easier to work on people. Our patients love it. A time tested technique we have been using it since 2002 successfully in our practice.


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