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“People don’t care how much you know … until they know how much you care.”


I am curious by nature. A “Tinkerer” who loves working with my hands and figuring things out. I am an observer. I love learning and getting better at things. Often times I didn’t have a teacher so I would have to figure things out myself. It would take me a lot longer compared to others but this taught me patience. I realized the importance of good teachers and coaches. I was in awe of those who had good coaches and vowed that if I could be one later in life I would be a good one … great?

I have a penchant for figuring out solutions to problems and this goes hand in hand with the profession of dentistry. As I enter my 32 year of practice it is interesting to see how the different disciplines of dentistry overlap and meld as the human body is a complex and remarkably ingenious organism.

I performed general dentistry for many years and got into cosmetic dentistry. After, I pursued dental implantology and reached what I feel is a very high aptitude level.

I love to find out about the world, body, teeth and realize that I know very little.

As the saying goes, “If you’re green you’re growing.” And so it is with me. I still feel like a kid learning all this. I will always continue to do so. It keeps me going and young at heart and energetic in mind and spirit.

I am a passionate person, lucky to love my profession. I was not given much but am very thankful and proud for what I have and what I have created so far.



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