Dental Implant choices

What are my choices when it comes to dental implants?

Dental implants have become the gold standard for replacing missing or failing teeth. They are continually going through evolution as technology pushes the envelope. A recent article in the Harvard Letter talk about Big Advances for Dental Implants, you can read the article here.  Consult with Dr Uchida on your options, after an evaluation, he will be able to determine what your best choices are.

Types of Dental Implants

Dental implants are used to replace single teeth, multiple teeth, and to support complete dentures. They are also used in the All-On-4 and Zygomatic techniques.

The best time to place an implant is at time of tooth extraction. If there is not sufficient volume of bone Dr Uchida may decide to use bone grafting techniques.

Dental implants also retain facial beauty by physically stimulating the bone it resides in. Implants will retain the bony support of the facial muscles, tissues and skin.

There are more options now than ever with dental implants. Sometimes the choices can be a bit confusing and overwhelming. With a CT scan, consultation and further questions, Dr Uchida will be able to head you in your direction of your implant options.

Platinum Standard

Zygomatic Implants

Zygomatic implants are designed to support restorative procedures that also allow for immediate loading.

Dr Uchida took his training for this surgery from Dr Yvan Fortin in Montreal, Canada. He is the only dentist in Honolulu to offer both the surgery and restoration in the same office. He has been doing zygomatic surgery since 2015.

The zygomatic implant is used to anchor implants into the rear upper arch where bone is often low in volume and quality. It is used along with the All-On-4 technique or with regular dental implant procedures. The Zygoma (cheekbone ) is used as the primary stability point because it is very dense bone. The zygoma implant is rather long implant being from 30-50mm. It has a very high success rate. The zygoma surgery is considered one of very high level of difficultly.

With proper care and maintenance All-On-4 can last 20 or more years!
“They say all truth goes through three stages. 
1) At first it is ridiculed 
2) Second it is violently opposed 
3) Third it accepted as self-evident” 
… so it has been with the All-On-4 technique.
Dr Uchida is the  first Dentist to comprehensively (surgically place and deliver teeth) offer the All-On-4 in Honolulu and remains the leader of All-On-4 cases delivered comprehensively in Honolulu.  Everything is done in the same office. We have performing the All-On-4 since 2011.
What do you do when you have a lot of broken down and loose teeth in your mouth? And what do you do if you want to fix them with quality and speed?  The All-On-4 is the answer.   Developed in the past 30 years it is a premier technique worldwide. The concept of tilted implants was developed by Dr Yvan Fortin of Montreal Canada in the early 1990’s. The surgery is considered a high level of aptitude. All teeth in an arch are removed and 4 tilted implants are placed in the same day. You “Get teeth just like your natural teeth again.” It cleverly uses remaining existing bone.

The Gold Standard


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The cost effective implant


With Mini Implants Experience is Crucial. Dr Uchida has been placing Mini Implants since 2000.

mini implants Waipah Honolulu

New FDA applications for the mini implant allows for more options than ever at a price point that will allow more people to get their implant work done.

It is a relatively recent development and we are excited about the possibilities.

We have placed hundreds of mini implants over the years but they were for the lower denture only.  Now, we are expanding the role of the mini implant.

From single tooth to bridge to supporting full arch fixed and removable teeth. Bone volume and quality are evaluated with a CT scan prior to performing mini implants.

Let’s see what options mini implants bring.

Mini Overdenture (stabilize) loose dentures. Lower denture with 4 implants. Upper denture with 6 implants.

Hybrid mini bridge (Semi-Removeable) 6-10 implants. A hybrid bridge that can be detached by the dentist as needed at recall cleaning visits.

Roundhouse mini bridge (Non-Removeable) Involves placement of between 10-12 implants. The final bridge is cemented into place.

Single crowns that are cemented in place.

Bridges that are cemented in place.

Honolulu Mini Dental Implants

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